Rising Lotus Coming To #kscope16

5th September 2016

Maschi Fontana’s Rising Lotus is something to behold.

It engages in both the myths and aesthetics of various landscapes while incorporating cosmic symbolism, occult forces and a retrofuturistic feel to the work. In this sense Fontana’s in-tuned and intuitive process creates an art of potential; this is a perforated look into a world co-existing with our surrounds.

Maschi Fontana is an artistic duo originally consisting of the Swiss/Australian artist Tom Mùller and Swiss artist Jean-Thomas Vannotti, who together re-ignite a previous creative partnership, developing it into a significant inter-hemisphere collaboration. Locating their practice within a neo-mystic futurist platform, Maschi Fontana aims to push the boundaries of their cross-hemisphere collaboration into obscure and uncharted terrain. The partnership has developed into a broader artistic platform which has icluded numerous collaborators and participants over the years.

Make sure you see this incredible installation and more at Kaleidscope 2016!

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