Portal - Welcome To The Matrix

5th September 2016

Part of the giant 20 x 20 x 8m LIGHTHOUSE structure, the PORTAL is an audio visual installation by Sam Price exploring the ideas of population growth and urban development through abstracted data visualisations projected onto an immersive hallway of multi-layered canvases. The installation is designed to transport the viewer to an abstracted future where digital and physical networks nurture connectedness amongst local and global communities.

The animation in the structure is being developed by Sam Price. Sam Price (Naik) is an award-winning filmmaker and musician. Sam is also an animator and VFX artist (Modifier), producing commercials for Perth’s leading agencies and applied his editing and visual effects skills to award winning short and feature films.Under the name Naik, Sam creates unique and progressive experiments in electronic music.

Get ready to get drawn into the matrix…

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