For its electrifying inaugural year, KALEIDOSCOPE, Western Australia’s first festival of illumination, will light up the Joondalup City Centre from 10 November to 13 November.  

Transforming the fast-growing capital of the North West growth corridor into an extraordinary wonderland of illumination, Kaleidoscope will shine a light on some of Australia’s most dynamic creatives and give them the opportunity to realise their most exciting ideas.

Commencing each evening at 5:30pm, the free event will see the Joondalup City Centre become an interactive living, breathing museum exploring the theme of the ‘City of the Future’, through an exciting multidisciplinary cultural program boasting 3D architectural transformations (live buildings), projection performance, virtual reality, augmented reality, workshops, and intimate and interactive and immersive curated spaces.  

Kaleidoscope’s Creative Director Cindi Drennan said festival goers could expect a remarkable cultural experience from the festival:   
“Kaleidoscope will be a journey of surprising light that take you on an adventure into the city of the future, created by WA artists nurturing brand new collaborations and innovations. This inaugural festival will take you on a multi-faceted journey into a magical night, to encounter a wonderland of spectacular architectural projection, virtual reality, mobile animated art, fluorescent interactive activities, and luminous spaces. It is an extraordinary opportunity to experience immersion in the dreamlike glistening imaginings, created collectively by local and interstate artists.” 

With something for all ages, spectators can expect a remarkable cultural experience paired with local music and festival food trucks.  The free festival encourages people to come early at 5.30pm and enjoy the bountiful food and drink offerings, hang with family or friends and watch as the sun goes down and the lights come up.  

The City of Joondalup and the innovative bodies behind Perth’s most extraordinary illuminative performance encourage patrons to immerse themselves in what is set to become one of the most exciting annual experiences on the city’s cultural calendar, designed to promote public awareness and appreciation of Perth’s emerging visual artists. 

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